Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Community of Prayer

We lost a dear friend yesterday and I am at a loss for words.  He collapsed suddenly and apparently as a result of an infection and over about ten days of attempted medical interventions, his body just began to shut down.  Losing Jay is hard to process.

During this time, I felt deep gratitude for prayer connections.  I barely slept the night after we were notified that he had been taken off of support and put on palliative care.  When I did doze, I'd wake to begin another rosary, groggily reaching through concern and grief to familiar words, repeated with love, hope, and comfort.  Around the Bay Area and across the country, friends were doing the same; others gathered at the hospital to be even closer.

The prayer connection was tangible.  The beauty of that union, of feeling a part of a community of prayer warriors similarly engaged in such acts of love, felt powerful and sustaining.  It was an agonizing and sacred night, feeling the connection of participating with so many others in intentional acts of love and reverence so that the final hours of his journey were imbued with the solicitude of shared faith in a connection to the eternal God.

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