Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ash Wednesday

We all ended up with "ashes light," but it was a great Mass and - surprise! - the girls opted for a full Mass on this NOT-Holy-Day-of-Obligation over just getting ashes at another venue. Maybe it was K's basketball team in the choir, smiling and waving at her. :-)

As I geekily keep repeating, we couldn't have VaLENTine's Day this year without Lent!  Hee, hee, ho, ho, ha, ha!  We did a combo instead:  fasting in the morning until after Mass, then a slice of special Valentine's cheesecake with Grandpa in the evening.  (He came over to help with carpooling as they had to be in different locations at the same time while I had to get to work; thanks, Dad!)

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