Tuesday, February 27, 2018


We were driving to one of G's classes when I glanced east and saw...snow covered peaks!  As K said, "where ARE we?"  The temptation to see more, to touch was great - it is so seldom that we can see snow from home, even at a distance.  I traveled to a satellite campus that afternoon and at the last minute girls decided to come along too.  When I found myself with extra time before my next student meeting, we drove south as far as we could on beautiful, remote roads that we hoped would lead closer to the snow.  We got closer, just not quite there... but it was a fun attempt and beautiful diversion.  (These photos were taken at about 3PM after a day of sun, so don't reflect the amount of snow that we saw - albeit at a greater distance - earlier in the day.)  We also saw beautiful rolling green hills, lots of blossoms, and gorgeous hills and valleys that we'd never seen before.  Who knew!

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