Friday, March 30, 2018

American Government Course

Just about done with this government course, which K has been taking online throughout this school year through a free Harvard program.  Very detailed; I learned a lot just listening in.  It is taught through a series of video lectures, readings, online discussions, and four essay assignments. I was impressed with how current it was, with examples from the most recent presidential election and other recent legislative events and debates.

American Government
Political Culture
Limited Government
Representative Government
Civil Liberties
Civil Rights
Congress and Constituency
Congress and Party
Presidents and Domestic Policy
Presidents and Foreign Policy
Federal Bureaucracy
Judiciary and Supreme Court
Public Opinion
Political Parties
Campaigns and Elections
Political Movements
Interest Groups
News Media
Social Issues
Fiscal and Monetary Issues
Welfare and Income Policy
Regulatory Issues
Foreign Policy
Dynamics of American Politics

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