Saturday, March 3, 2018

NDNU's Into the Woods

We had the privilege of attending a performance of "Into the Woods" at NDNU.  Awesome voices, great acting and costumes, a lot of fun.   The best part was that I sat between the girls and they both kept whispering to me, predictions, comments, thoughts about what was coming next.  They had seen the movie and had comments and comparisons.  They are so much alike in some ways that what one would whisper to me, the other would unknowingly repeat... it was pretty funny.  They really loved the show and poured over the program afterward, reading the performer's bios, remembering some from previous productions, and generally talking about them like true fans.  Love it.  My experience was slightly marred by the temperature - I've never been so cold in a theater!  The girls thought something was wrong with me because I tried to wrap my cold nose in my scarf and that made them think that I was crying... not this time!  :-)

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