Sunday, March 25, 2018

Seder Meal

A fantastic Religious Ed class where we shared a ritualized Seder Meal, believed to be what Christ ate at the Last Summer.  I tried to arrange so that the day belonged to the kids and they rose to the occasion.  My girls worked hard for hours with me setting up.  Two sixth graders showed up with musical instruments and kicked off the meal with a live band.  Five kids volunteers to read the traditional readings.  The tables were decorated with tissue flowers that they'd made in a previous class.  Everyone dipped the maror, tasted the matzo and haroset, tried the pasch (veggie lamb), and drank their four classes of "wine."  The craft table that the sixth graders suggested was a definite enhancement that I doubt Christ had with His meal, but the kids enjoyed seemed to enjoy making Easter-pastel glitter slime.... and who knows, maybe kids have been drawn to crafts since the very birth of Christianity.

Wow... just wow!

29 kids plus some helpful parents...

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