Friday, April 6, 2018

Happy Birthday

The perfect cake for this awesome kid!  So simple and, well... K.  I was excited to show it to her, to see her happy smile. 

A day filled with the things that she loves:  pancakes, baseball practice, time with friends, a hour at a trampoline place, the unexpected gift of friends over for a pizza dinner, then a movie night.  (A couple of classes thrown in there too.)

I remember, of course, the day that she was born and the moment when they put her little body with her funny misshapen head into my arms.  I was already in love and when I looked at her that first time, I felt a delight that has only increased.  I both love and like her so very much.  She is so uniquely herself:  funny, responsible, logical, loving, opinionated, kind, caring, strong, stubborn, brilliant, and so wonderful.

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