Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter Treasure Hunt and Bunny Cake

Our traditions have evolved to include an elaborate treasure hunt and this year I gave it an exclusively Easter (religious Easter) theme.  After Mass, I hid plastic eggs outside.  Finding them isn't terribly hard, but the hunt is fun and they absolutely needed to find all 51 of them, since they are full of money (coins), candy, or clues.  (Afterward, I put the coins back in a spare change cup and swept the candy away; only the clues led to any real enthusiasm.)  Each clue had to be matched to a found answer, with questions like, "something Judas was willing to betray Jesus for" to the answer "silver coins."  Once together, they revealed another word; once put in order, they found their next clue, hidden, "on or near an old friend."  I thought they might think for at least a moment about that, but K went right for Ike's ashes and she was right.  I'd taped the clue under the table where they lay. (She complained later that the clue was too easy).  The clue that they uncovered  was another set of fill-in-the-blank Easter questions, this one based on biblical verses.  They also found a decoder to help unravel the next clue, which brought them to a specific bible and then more words hidden in the bible with a riddle that shortly led to the hiding place of their baskets.

K was a little annoyed with the bible-theme and left her sister to it for a bit, which gave G a chance to puzzle things out, with K shouting the right answers in annoyance from the other room when G didn't get them right away.  ("Cross, G, Jesus was up on a cross."  Oh!  I thought that the questions were set after the Resurrection!")  I thought that K would complain later, but instead she surprised me, describing it as "pretty cool."  Yay!  :-)

(Oh my gosh.  Just realized that I'm "that mom," the one who makes her kids look up bible verses before they can have their Easter baskets.  How did that happen?)

Continuing the Milar Family Tradition

Easter is close to Opening Day this year, so Puck was in his Giant's gear for the occasion

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