Monday, April 16, 2018

Track: Now We Are A Shot Put Family

G added a new event, so now we've got two competing in the same event (different grades, of course):

First place with a PR:  35.5

Well done, G!

So funny.  One of the 7th graders threw and did really well.  Someone was overheard to comment, "well, that's the Irish in her.  The Irish are really good at throwing."  She's a redhead who fit the image of someone of Irish descent, but her mom thought that this was a silly statement (yes) and turned to say, "well, how does K do it then?"  I had to admit, "well, K IS one-quarter Irish..." so now it's a team joke, when someone throws well "it must be the Irish in her."  Not because it is, just because it is so silly that it's funny....

I also overheard one of the 7th grade boys telling the other, "if you can throw as well as K, I'll give you $50."  The other one laughed dismissively.  Not gonna happen...

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