Friday, June 8, 2018

Pacific Association Track Championships

Well, she's a girl without a team or a coach, but when her season ended her coach did suggest considering participation in additional meets, for the experience and continued exposure to the sport.  So we did - I registered her in the Pacific Association Track Championships, which seemed to be a meet composed primarily of young people from private track clubs, as opposed to from teams affiliated with schools.  Boy, were they great!  Even some of the teeniest runners looked dead serious in their spikes and cool uniforms and their pace was truly intimidating.  Plus, they had events that the girls' league doesn't have:  we saw race walking, discus throws, and hurdles, which are all fun events to watch.

K competed in the shot put, though she's had no practice or coaching in a month.  Not bad!  She didn't do her best, but placed fourth and was competitive with the top athletes her age and a year older.  It was a longer day than we expected, but the weather was great and we had fun watching, even before her event.

Then she went off to her basketball game and they won again too; having a great season and a lot of fun.

The ref blocked my view of my favorite athlete, but the throw is represented by the angle of the shot putt, which is cool.....

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