Sunday, June 24, 2018

Pacific Association Track Championships

She rolled out of bed, no recent coaching or practice in a month and not much athletic training, and qualified for the state championships!  I had told her that though I was rooting for her success, part of me wouldn't mind so much if she didn't qualify, since she was obviously capable, but not putting in any work.  So afterward she put her arm around me and apologized, "Mom, I know that you wanted me to learn the value of hard work.  Sorry."  Ha, ha.  Funny, kid.  (She then committed to a daily workout from now until the state championships.)

(I love track meets; pole vaults!  hurdles!  teensy kids running so fast... we saw girl in the eight and under category running the 1500 meters and when she was done, they had to tell her to stop... she just kept charging around the track.  So cute!)

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