Saturday, June 2, 2018

Spring and Summer Class Log

It helps me to remember...

Math: Algebra with biology; Geometry with manipulatives
US Government (an online open-access class through Harvard)
Production of Henry IV with SF Shakes 
US History "Origins of the Black Lives Matter Movement" class 
World History Through Film (G3)
Religious Ed
Basketball; baseball; track and field
Writing (Using a L1 High School text with prompts)
Analyze This! Literature/writing class through Athena's Advanced Academy
Genetics (through Next Level Homeschooling; not recommended)

Math: Decimals and Percents AND Geometry with manipulatives
Chemistry (Sharon's class)
Botany (Sharon's class)
Ballet, Basketball, Track and Field
US History, "Origins of the Black Lives Matter Movement" class
Production of Henry IV with SF Shakespeare
Religious Ed
Marine Biology (through Athena's Advanced Academy)
Writing Class with Shu-hsein and Royd, plus Spelling/Grammar (using two texts)
Literature to Film class (through Athena's)
20th Century History through Innovations (a Berkeley-based course)

Summer Classes:
AP Literature Prep (K)
Coral Reefs (G)
Fantastic Beasts and Where She Found Them (mythology, etymology, literature) (G)

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