Thursday, August 23, 2018

Les Miserables

"To love another person is to see the face of God!"  The girls knew all of the songs, but said - inexplicably! - that it was better to hear them sung by real singers instead of by me!  Ha!  The songs were great and the singing absolutely amazing.  I cried.  (OK, six times.  Maybe seven.)

Thought of my Mom a LOT.  First, because the first time I saw Les Miz was with her, before the New York Marathon, on Broadway.  Second, because when we were on our nine-day trek in Torres del Paine and it rained for three days straight, she asked me to sing the whole Les Miz album to keep her mind off of our hunger, the weather, and the very-muddy, scary trail.  (Mom and Kathleen are the only people who "like" my singing.  So of course I thought of Kathleen, too, and our trip to the Shakespeare festival in Ashland and our singing of Les Miz there.  :-)

Lucked out with cheap, last-minute tickets.  Hurrah!

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