Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fall Classes

With Labor Day over, it is back to the grind. An ambitious schedule this year, in part to make up for the fact that I don't know if I have challenged them enough in the past.  (List as my reminder.)

AP English Literature
AP Human Geography
Honors US History
US History through movies
History with Kaluga (post Civil War US)
Psychology Workshop
High School Biology
Spanish (online through the Univ of Valencia in Spain)
Math (Algebra/economics) and Math with Kaluga
Religious Ed (confirmation)

Math/Math with Kaluga
Comparative Invertebrate Biology
Arc of Democracy
History with Kaluga (post Civil War US)
Sewing (Starts in Oct)
Religious Ed

So far, AP Lit is a lot of busy work AND a lot of actual work.  The Arc of Democracy class (history) fascinates K, while K's High School Biology class fascinates G.  First classes started the third week in August; except for sewing, everything else will be in full swing by mid-September.  The slow accumulation of classes in the schedule is both reasonable and daunting... i.e. if it feels like a lot now, what will happen next week??  But so far, as long as we stay consistent and they work hard every day, it has been a reasonable load.

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