Thursday, December 6, 2018

Ethiopian Dinner

When I was working on my bachelor's degree and beginning to focus on 20th century African history, I had a professor who ended each course with a potluck.  But not just any food - she knew that food is a reflection of culture and history and so we'd get in groups and learn to make traditional African dishes.  My Dad saw my interest and heard my stories.  He worked near City Hall and invited me to go with him to a nearby Ethiopian restaurant.  It was a special treat to go out to lunch with him, plus the first time I'd ever had Ethiopian food.  The restaurant had a vegetarian buffet lunch and years later, when I also worked near City Hall, I'd go back to the same restaurant with colleagues or with my Dad (still working then).  Good memories...

This wasn't the same restaurant, but we were with my parents and it was the first time the girls had had Ethiopian, so it brought back my own memories.  Yum!

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