Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Four Christmas Songs That Should Never Be Played

Ah, families with strong opinions.  About everything - even Christmas songs "that should never be played." K put together a video explaining her top four least favorite Christmas songs:

4.  Last Christmas.  "It has nothing to do with Christmas.  It is a song about a break up, not about Christmas."

3.  Santa Baby.  "Let's just say that yuletide cheer and kindness go out the door for someone with a little girl voice who likes stuff."  (Here's a Miley Cyrus version that we saw later and is MUCH better. Ignore the implied profanity.  :-)

2. Baby It's Cold Outside.  "My Mom calls it the date-rape song, so I think I'm going to leave it at that."

1.  Do They Know It's Christmas.  "Uh, no they don't because they don't share your religion and they don't celebrate your holidays."  And another thing, there won't be snow in the Silicon Valley this Christmas either, but that doesn't mean that the children of Tech industry giants need a fundraiser.

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