Thursday, December 27, 2018

Holiday Lights at the Oakland Zoo

Hm.  An interesting experience.  They decorate the zoo in lots of holiday lights and so you come to see the lights, not the animals.  The best part was a gondola right high up the hill, from where you could see lights from across (nearly) the whole bay.  There was a "meadow show" of lights that was neat, but also weird - a random compilation of Christmas song and apparent excerpts from Christmas-themed television shows and movies, set to a "show" of various strands of colored lights, some shaped like animals, that weren't in the least bit timed to the audio.  It was... interesting.  Perplexing.  Surprising.  Worth seeing - once.

The best part was seeing my 16-month-old nephew's face - he loved everything.  Awesome!

G trying to take a photo; lit gondola cars and lights from around the bay behind her.

On our way out; K standing intentionally to block the "Oakland As" themed elephant behind her.  A Giants fan always!

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