Sunday, December 2, 2018

Saints Festival

We stepped it up this year with a full-on festival:  the kids worked on "Facebook" style posters for Saints they chose.  We banned the most common ones and so learned a ton about little-known Saints.  We had a scavenger hunt (with a prize!) for the kids who could find the right info from each poster.  We had visits from the younger grades.  The kids voted on 'best in' categories for more prizes and G won in two:  third-best poster and "best comments" as well.  Then the food:  root beer for the Patron Saint of brewers (St Arnold), St. Honore cake for the Patron Saint of bakers, Swedish fish for the Patron Saint of swimmers (St. Adjuctor), and more... we even had poprocks for the Patron Saint of explosions (St. Barbara) and (veggie) hot dogs for the Patron Saint of dogs (St. Rocco). 

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