Thursday, February 28, 2019


Overheard:  Two younger boys talking about K when she's playing basketball (the only girl on any of the teams in her division this time around).  "She's like Shaq, only not dumb."

(When I told her that, she smiled. Then defended Shaq, saying, "he's not dumb.  After he retired, he went back to school and finished a doctorate.")  Still, it might be one of the funnier - and more unusual - compliments I've overheard.)  She's #14 below. 

This past weekend was a great game.  She's got a good team, but they usually win without trying too hard.  This time they played a strong team and had to fight.  In the end, they lost by one point in the final second, but it was such a hard and well-fought game with lots of good teamwork and some amazing shots that it didn't feel like a loss at all.

She's always liked basketball, but saves her real enthusiasm for baseball.  Playing with this team, though, is the first time I've heard her express some regret when a baseball practice conflicts with basketball.  Nice to see her enjoying the game and her teammates.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Biology Flower Dissection

I haven't been posting homework projects; not sure why.  I guess with the girls in more formal classes (online and in person) I feel like the work is already well documented.  But the photos of this were pretty and the project required that we get the microscope out and that's always interesting and so I can't resist.
Labeling parts

Microscopic view

Monday, February 18, 2019

Visiting Wat Mongkolratanaram in Berkeley

On our "no homework day" we also visited this Thai Buddhist temple, in large part because it sounded like an interesting experiences, but also to fulfill a future homework assignment for K's World Religion course.  They serve food in return for donations and the crowd was huge - primarily UC Berkeley students, from what we could see.  Unfortunately, just as we reached the front of the line, we were informed that they had but one serving left, of eggplant.  So the four of us shared it (delicious, but not enough food for hungry teenagers or my mom, who had just finished three hours of exercise classes at the gym).

Touring the Wat itself reminded me of being in Thailand and tickled my itch to be on the road.  K had expressed some discomfort at gawking at other's religious beliefs and I felt the same once inside, like taking pictures and asking questions would be inappropriate.  Glad we went, though!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Rosie the Riveter National Park

I'd been wanting to do this for years and a long weekend seemed a perfect time.  It was worthwhile!  Gorgeous location with beautiful views of the bay, great time with my Mom, and interesting history that K admitted her teacher "talked about just last week."  Aha!  Mom scores.  We need to go back when the "Rosies" are there - they weren't there on Sundays.  But apparently they have four women who did work the Richmond shipyards during WW2 who come in and talk about their experiences.  That would be neat to see!  Excellent docents, really unique displays, and great info/exhibits. 

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Rain is nearly always cause for celebration.  Took this on a rainy walk, observing the budding blossoms just starting to emerge.

Friday, February 8, 2019

A Black History Month Performance

A really great one-man show with monologues portraying four literary artists from the Harlem Renaissance period/  He had a jazz trio accompanying his monologues.  It was incredibly well done and very interesting; we were appreciative of K's US History teacher for the invitation.  And it was great to have a friend along, too: