Sunday, April 28, 2019

Bake Sale to Support Mission in South Sudan

Last class of the year!  Now the countdown to ending other classes begins...

This wrapped up an interesting and very full year.  We had an elaborate "Saints Festival" in the fall, an ongoing "Random Acts of Catholics" theme, and a memorable Seder meal in which we helped recall Christ's family traditions and understand more fully the genesis of the Last Supper.  We introduced an international service theme, with students volunteering to prepare food for families in Haiti, learning about poverty in Guatemala, hearing from young people who are dedicating themselves to a year of service, and examining economic challenges that exist for individuals and families here in the Bay Area. Underlying each theme was the message of God's love, what it means to utilize your unique charisms (gifts from the Holy Spirit), and the kids' sense of agency about bringing about a better world.

As our final project, the kids decided to do a bake sale and raise money for Sister Carolyn Buhs' mission in South Sudan.  Sister Carolyn is a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur who spoke to our class when she was here on medical leave earlier this year.  She works at a teaching college in South Sudan, which is one of the world's newest countries and one where conflict, lack of infrastructure, and poverty are serious challenges.  The kids threw themselves into marketing and advertising ideas, baked up a storm, and then did a great job pricing effectively and getting a lot of customers to buy in bulk.  They targeted the parents who were coming to pick up their kids from classes and managed, in about 25 minutes, to make $332!  I'm super proud of the kids (including G!), who hopefully learned/reinforced that their efforts make a difference and that they are capable of bringing about change for good in the world.

Of the 30+ kids in the class, these four volunteered to do the pricing and selling.  I gave them full  authority to make decisions about pricing and negotiate deals to sell in bulk.  They did a great job!  

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