Saturday, April 6, 2019

Happy Birthday to K!

I love this awesome kid!   She's crazy smart, super funny, responsible, and kind.  Animals and little kids adore her.  Me, too.  I love that she tries to learn every line in Hamilton and in her pursuit of perfection wants to be quizzed on her knowledge.  She's affectionate, she's got a great sense of humor, and she loves to use her crack skills at logic to pick arguments about everything.  She's one of the smartest people I know, even if she doesn't have faith (yet) in her own academic skills.  This first year of high school academics has been a real challenge with two AP courses, two honors courses, five other courses and and we've had our rough moments, but she's persevered and learned a lot and I'm proud of her. 

When pregnant with her, I was filled with joy, and even though I loved her long before I got to hold her, that first moment of looking into her eyes was absolute bliss.  I'm deeply honored to get to be her Mom and celebrate her.  Her birthday was just like her - low key and full of joy.  She got a card that described her as "sunshine" and she laughed because she doesn't see herself that way, but I definitely feel her light and her warmth every day.

Just an anecdote to describe who she is:  she loves to win, absolutely hates to lose (though she's gotten better at it over time, having played for both great and pretty bad teams in all of her various sports).  Knowing this, I pointed out that I was impressed with a recent basketball game when she had a shot, but passed the ball instead of taking the shot.  She actually does that regularly, but this time it stood out because the kid she passed the shot to is one of the weaker players and he didn't make it.  She said, "well, he was open and he deserves a chance."  I love that her straightforward understanding of how to be a team player is more important even than her desire to win.  I'm so proud of who she is, even with all of her stubbornness, because, even when I think she is wrong (and she sometimes is), she is consistently straightforward in her sense of right and wrong.  I admire so much about her.

Wait!  Says mom.  Don't forget your homework!  :-)

Abuela is helping her to learn to lift weights; this new weightlifting bar was one of her gifts.

Of course.  G and I tried to make the layers orange and black, but the black turned out green and it ended up looking not as cool on the inside as we'd hoped.  Next year...

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