Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter! Family Celebrations and Harry Potter themed Scavenger Hunt

We recently found a photo of my great grandmother with this cake.  That's a lot of generations - the girls' great, great grandmother!   (The photo was probably take in the 1950s, when she was in her 60s.)

Up past midnight planning.  Then home to make breakfast, but after I made it, they wanted the Treasure Hunt first.  This year I decided to make it Harry Potter themed.

We started with a question about what Easter and the Harry Potter story have in common.  (J.K. Rowling once said that if you know she is a Christian, you know how the Harry Potter story will end.)  That took but a moment of thought and they grabbed book seven and thumbed to the narrative in which Harry's last horcrux is destroyed.  There, they found:

Clue 2:  Expecto Patronum!  Hm... brief thought.  Chocolate?  Dementors?  Then "a stag!" and they looked at a decorative reindeer that holds cards on our china cabinet.  Yep!

Clue 3:  Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus. They didn't even pause, but rushed to the poster in their room of the Hogwarts crest ("Never tickle a sleeping dragon," which, incidentally, has become my motto for "stop bothering your sister.")

Clue 4:  The Peverall brothers.  Again, a moment of thought and then, "the Deathly Hallows;" immediately looking for G's necklace.  Sure enough...

Clue 5:  A riddle.  "What can fly without wings." This one they quickly googled and found that the answer was "time."  (Cheating?  Not if the rules don't prohibit it.)  They rushed to look for G's "time turner" necklace and found the clue behind a nearby clock.

Clue 6:  A quote from Hagrid in the first book:  "Ill get yer an owl.  All the kids want owls, they're dead useful.  Carry yer mail an' everthing."  Not even a brief pause:  "The mailbox!"  And they rushed outside...

Clue 7:  "Harry's original Dursley bedroom."  Ah!  The cupboard under the stairs!"  We have a storage space at our landing and they found another clue behind a photo there.  Of course, they also stopped to let me know that Harry did not live under the stairs in all of the books, but I already knew that....

Clue 8:  "The boy who lived, come to die."  I thought that this was the hardest clue, but it took, literally, about three seconds and then there was no hesitation.  "The best line that wasn't in the books.  The next clue is with the videos."  Indeed!

Clue 9:  Quote from the books:  "Myrtle gave a tragic sob, rose up in the air, turned over, and dived headfirst..., splashing water all over them."  The toilet!

Clue 10:  Another quote:  Erised shows the most desperate desire of a person's heart, a vision that has been known to drive people mad."  The mirror!

Clue 11:  (Which obviously had to be read in the mirror:)  Platform 9 3/4.  This took them to a poster of the Hogwarts Express.

Clue 12:  Another quote "Harry was speeding toward the ground when the crowd saw him clap his hand to his mouth as though he was going to be sick.  He hit the field on all fours, coughed, and something gold fell into his hand."  The snitch!  They found a clue hidden near a snitch pendant.

Clue 13:  Nimbus 2000.  Too darn obvious - the next clue was taped to our broom.

Clue 14:  This one had to be decoded.  It said "What charm did Hermione use to pack her purple beaded bag?" and then certain letters in the answer were underlined.  Unfortunately, I made this too easy by leaving the answer there, so they could easily read "Eggs."  (That's what I get for prepping after midnight.)

Clue 15:  Eggs!  It's Easter and we have lots of decorated eggs around.  They found the clue under the ones in the living room:  "Have you used the Expectro Patronum charm yet?"  Not even a pause:  our wands!

Clue 16:  Final clue:  "What, other than books and clothes, did Hermione pack in her purple beaded bag?" This one actually stumped them for a few seconds.  Then, "oh, no... do we have to go to the garage?"  Yep, their baskets were with the camping equipment.

Anyway, I thought that this was cool - and I think they did too - but it was easier for them than I expected.  The "boy who lived, come to die!" clue was the one they did with the most surprising ease - perhaps they just think too much like me.    Three of the ideas came from this link and in my last minute prep I came across a lot more.  Maybe a Ravenclaw riddle theme next year!

Afterward, we finished prepping for dinner and drove to my parents' to have Easter dinner with family and friends.  Lovely day celebrating the resurrection of Christ and His message of hope and love.

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