Monday, April 1, 2019

Mini Spring Break: Touring a Redwood Forest from the Canopy

We don't get a true Spring Break - when my classes are off, I still have meetings and students to see.  For the girls, when one set of classes is off, others are on and they never have every course synchronized.  And it is taking a toll (grumpiness, exhaustion) - the heavier class load for K, the comparative lack of challenge for G, the number of things going on... we really needed a break.  I saw a gap day on the calendar this week and decided, with two days' notice, to play hooky for a day.  K did one class online from on the road and will have to make up another.  But it was great to get away for a mini adventure - this one something we've wanted to do since K was eight.  You have to be ten for it though and there's no way we're doing it without G, so we've waited nearly five years for this.  It was worth it - a tour of the canopy of a redwood forest through high up bridges and super awesome zip lines.

Before the tour, under the Oaks.

G posing in foreground; K on platform in rear.  

In this shot, you can see how high we were!

Brave girls hanging off the platform

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