Sunday, April 7, 2019

San Francisco Ballet: Space Between

More nosebleed seats!  An amazing performance, really.  Three different short ballets, all very different. The dancing was incredible in all three.  The first had a very bland backdrop - nothing, really - and the dance itelf was supposed to be about male bonding.  We agreed that it looked like a parody of male bonding more than a reality - the dancing was wonderful, but the choreography almost awkward in that attempted portrayal.  The second was beautiful classical music, beautiful dancing.  Loved it, but it wasn't very memorable. The third was to horrible, screechy vocalized music and was described in the program as a "ballet rave."  The setting was utterly spectacular, costumes, set, lights, and mirrored floor.  The dancing was vibrant and unexpected and incredible.  In each the dancers seemed to defy gravity in every step, leaping and almost pausing in the air.  We should really go more often.  The nosebleed seats weren't too crazy expensive and it was fun.

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