Monday, May 27, 2019

Gualala Adventures

Wonderful days of fog, rain, and sun; thanks to our car's brake failure, we ended up on the last night in a three bedroom house with seven people, five dogs, two cats, and a turtle.  Still, it was a wonderful weekend walking along the coast, admiring wildflowers of all types, exploring a seemingly magical forest, seeing flocks of pelicans and newborn seals, and looking at a river that was a shade of turquoise so impossibly beautiful that the camera wouldn't even properly capture it.  Wonderful visit with some of our favorite people and pets.  And, fortunately, a safe trip home.

When you realize that you are the weird family who brings both dog and cat to the beach
Minerva was a good sport
I love California poppies

Waterfall magic

Pelicans - 43 of them in total - and seals, too.


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