Thursday, May 9, 2019


Got two tickets when I saw a deal last August.  Found two more single seats that were cheapish.  Lots of anticipation.  TOTALLY worth it.

It was fun to hear the conversations from the audience, wondering, "What happened to Burr?"  Or, "How much of this is historically accurate?"  And knowing that the girls - and probably most of the kids in the audience who have been immersed in this phenomenon long before they got to see it - could answer accurately.

"Did I cry?" is what they asked at the intermission and the end, when we joined up again from our scattered seats.  Yes, of course.  Have you met me?  What's the fun of immersing yourself in a story if you hold back the emotion?  And what a story, lived with such passion, told with such brilliance, portrayed with such talent and inspiration!

K wanted "to be Peggy."  Something about the "and Peggy" is intriguing.  Guess that makes Abuela Eliza and G Angelica.  Or....

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