Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Round Two: Three (Big) States in One Day

This time it was Utah, Nevada, and California as we drove from Salt Lake City home.  Phew!  Long, exhausting drive.  Seeing the Great Salt Lake and Great Salt Flats were the most memorable new (to the girls) experiences.  This was in Wendover, Utah, near the Nevada border.

Wow, all that salt!

Puck was fascinated!  Or maybe he just liked being able to run, run, run...

The girls are creating video blogs, I think, having fun filming each other and the sights

Met this crew briefly off the Hwy on our way back.  They were headed up to the mountains, going in the opposite direction, so we stopped to say high.  H isn't happy because someone said, "look at the monster truck on TT's head" to get him to look at me and obviously, there was nothing there..."  :-)

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