Thursday, July 11, 2019

State Baseball Championships

Her team took second and she played well; proud of her!  Chaotic week, since the games were a two-hour drive (three with traffic) and she started her first paying job this week, which was in SF.  Whew...

Lining up for the first game/national anthem.  The lovely view is courtesy of our location - in scenic Woodland, where temperatures were in the high 90s.  Beautiful field!

Playing first flawlessly (no errors)

An exciting close call, photo courtesy of G

"Baseball players aren't supposed to smile."  Really? 

After the second game, I got a text from her coach after midnight.  He said, "I want to thank you for raising a wonderful person.  Katherine [is] a breath of fresh air to coach and I attribute that to you and how you raised her.  Her passion and drive [are] undeniable.  ... thank you again."  Wow!   Unexpected and nice.  I told him that we should have expected her to love baseball, given that she was born on Giant's Opening Day!  

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