Sunday, November 10, 2019

Civil War Reenactment

This was perfectly timed - the day after watching "Across," and so set in the same era.  The setting was great - I love the brussel sprout fields of Half Moon Bay!  We'd never before visited the Johnson House, built there in 1853, even before our house.  It was beautifully furnished and costumed docents did a great job with explaining the history.  The battle was a bit hard to see - the view of most of us in the seating area was blocked by pit toilets, but it is always interesting to watch a battle, including gunfire and cannon.  The reenactor who spoke to the crowd specifically encouraged women to get involved as reenactors, shouting, "there is no reason that women should be shut out of understanding history!"  I think the girls would like that... maybe!

Cool view from interior of house

At the end, setting off gunfire together

House, battlefield, and camps in rear

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