Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas

Grand Lake, CO  July 2019

Merry Christmas!  Everyone is a year older and everyone continues in similar activities as last year; we have many thing to be grateful for.  

Charles continues to volunteer at multiple different places each week.  The site that he most enjoyed (Habitat) closed down this year, but he started to get more involved in the Knights of Columbus (take that, Kamala Harris!) and continued his volunteer work at Samaritan House, our local Senior Center, and a local children's reading program.

I received our University's most prestigious award this year, the Keller Teaching Excellence award.  I was then the keynote speaker at convocation and my speech was later published in a journal supporting social mobility through higher education.  I'm also proud of organizing a conference on that topic and facilitating an inspirational panel of students and alumni as they spoke about their experiences with higher ed.

Katherine (14)  continues to love baseball, plays with the high school aged kids (all boys but her again this year) and was selected to the All-Star team this past summer.  Her team came in second in the State championships.  She got a great job in the City working with a group of (mostly) African American teens marketing theater to youth and started taking college classes this fall.  

Gabriana (12) has increased her dancing to eight classes a week and is passionate about science, especially ecology, taking five science classes this fall.  

Puck (dog) and Minerva (cat) are both fine and had an adventure this summer, traveling with us on a road trip to a family reunion in Colorado.  We visited a number of gorgeous National Parks and had a great time.  The photo above was taken not far from Rocky Mountain National Park, where we saw moose and elk and where we crossed the Continental Divide.  We also loved Arches National Park in Utah.

Hope that you and your family are doing well and that we see you soon in 2020!

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