Sunday, April 12, 2020

Scavenger Hunt and Easter Bunny Cake

Our traditional Easter scavenger hunt was different this year - instead of leading them all over the house and yard, it included cousins and was nearly all done via Zoom.  It had three parts, Ravenclaw riddles, Bible knowledge, and knowledge of Jesus' life, about 30 questions in total, plus three unscrambling puzzles based on the answers to the above.  The four worked together and each did a good job contributing; clues were hidden at each house, as were baskets for these cool teens.  :-)

Mass was different too, via Zoom to St. Dominic's.  It was a pleasure to hear Fr. Anthony preach with a combination of humor and inspiration.  Happy Easter!

She baked and decorated it herself; for the first time with gumdrops instead of jelly beans, since none of the stores around here seem to have much in the way of Easter decor or treats.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Prepping for Easter

Finding eggs!  That was why we were in line at Safeway at 530 AM (though we got the last roll of TP, too!)  Our new "Dia de los Muertos" eggs may not be seasonally appropriate, but they were fun... and we made more of the elaborate Ukranian eggs, too.

The animals both have their own (and a shared) Instagram account, so they needed to be in Easter finery.  Minerva was a good sport, sitting in the basket.  Puck was too, but did NOT want to hold that basket in his mouth.  :-)

Friday, April 10, 2020

Images from our Shelter In Place

The girls decided that Shelter in Place requires a bunker and that we must hunker down together
Pets are cozy too

No one in the street!

"Family Dinner"

G does an Instagram "Baking Challenge of the Day."  Pretzels!

We were supposed to see the SF Ballet on the day the shut down began.  Instead, they let us stream it and mailed us a program.  Definitely not the same, but it was to be the first time it was performed in 34 years and it was worth watching.  (Would have been nice if the SF Ballet had given us a choice for a refund, though.  Nonprofit they may be, but still much wealthier than many of their occasional, nosebleed section patrons!)

The day we found industrial rolls of TP!  A few weeks later, K got the last package from the shelves after we waited in line in the dark to get in.  Triumphs in the time of COVID!

Is K really bleaching her hair?

The "Deathly Hallows" symbol was temporary, but the yellow hair... not so much.

Lots of play with Snapchat filters

When CDC recommended masks when going outside...


Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Lots of basketball playing these days, with Puck included.  He's a good defender, until he gets tired.  I think they are both cuties. 

Monday, April 6, 2020

Thursday, April 2, 2020

American Lit Concludes

An okay class - good books, but iffy technology and the homework was a bit too... easy?   Since that class has ended, K is adding literature through various EdX MOOCs:  Othello, Merchant of Venice, and others.  These are insightful and often fascinating.

Moby Dick and the Old Man and the Sea not pictured...