Friday, April 10, 2020

Images from our Shelter In Place

The girls decided that Shelter in Place requires a bunker and that we must hunker down together
Pets are cozy too

No one in the street!

"Family Dinner"

G does an Instagram "Baking Challenge of the Day."  Pretzels!

We were supposed to see the SF Ballet on the day the shut down began.  Instead, they let us stream it and mailed us a program.  Definitely not the same, but it was to be the first time it was performed in 34 years and it was worth watching.  (Would have been nice if the SF Ballet had given us a choice for a refund, though.  Nonprofit they may be, but still much wealthier than many of their occasional, nosebleed section patrons!)

The day we found industrial rolls of TP!  A few weeks later, K got the last package from the shelves after we waited in line in the dark to get in.  Triumphs in the time of COVID!

Is K really bleaching her hair?

The "Deathly Hallows" symbol was temporary, but the yellow hair... not so much.

Lots of play with Snapchat filters

When CDC recommended masks when going outside...


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