Monday, May 25, 2020

New Puppy in the Family

My parents' new puppy, Shoshone.  A cute and sweet mutt mix of black lab and golden doodle.  Ahwahnee wasn't overly thrilled, so we gave her a lot of extra love.  Puck seemed intrigued... and little Shoshone was so cute, following the big dogs around and imitating them.  They were both so gentle with him; I was super proud of Puck!

Friday, May 22, 2020

As the semester ends

This is what K sees in her school account: "To Do - Nothing for now;" sweet!  We are still wrapping up the topics I teach:  Spanish, food history, and math, but it has been a busy semester and a number of classes are over, including all of her college courses, and that's a reason to celebrate.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

A SIP Mother's Day

Bending the SIP rules a tiny bit to celebrate my Mom (though perhaps we could argue that we were 'bringing food to elderly relatives, hardly an apt description of my parents, but technically accurate). We went on Saturday, avoiding any possible crowds. We brought over take-out Thai food, supporting a local business. We wore masks except while eating and stayed outside, social distanced. It was the first time we'd seen my parents since SIP started, the first time we'd seen my Mom since before her India trip in February. We brought over toilet paper as a memento (see K's hand) and even the photo is "social distanced," with the girls at least six feet behind my parents. No Puck, since dogs don't social distance well.

Though you never know and we certainly wanted to be super careful not to take any risks with my parents, we carefully bent the rules only after reviewing our possible risks. We have been super careful during this, ordering nearly all of our food online, washing anything that comes into the house, tossing most mail while still outside and then washing our hands after coming in, washing ourselves well anytime we touch something, working from home (only one trip to the office since this started), going to the grocery store less than once a week and then while wearing masks and going in the early morning when it is still dark to avoid people, delivering the neighbor's daily newspaper with gloves on, social distancing from anyone we see while on the porch or out walking...

Hope it all works, as what I really missed from this day was hugging these two...  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  Love you so much and appreciate all of your inspirational leadership through example.