Sunday, December 27, 2020

Christmas Beginnings

Christmas eve:  our social bubble (my parents and sister) came over to a cozy meal at our house and fun opening presents from each other.  I tried a new recipe:  mushroom spinach soup, which was good.  I also made gingerbread, which was good, but I was most impressed with the way I decorated it (below), which turned out so well.  The girls got a waffle maker from my parents, so that helped determine what we were having for Christmas breakfast.

Christmas night:  Midnight Mass (Zoom) at St. Dominic's.  Lovely Mass that filled me with tears of joy.

Christmas day:  Fantastic sunrise that changed the light even inside the house.  Nice walk with Puck.  Presents and fancy breakfast at home, then dinner with family (in our social bubble) at my parents' house.  I made roasted carrots and arugula salad, garbanzo bean salad, 'quatro formaggio' pasta for the pasta eaters, and two pies (pumpkin and apple) with lots of help from K, who was my sous chef this year.  Good food, nice light rain, relaxing day.

Dec 26:  We declared this "blanket day" and had a cozy day at home, mostly.  I went for a walk in the morning, took a morning nap AND an afternoon nap, and read three books.  (I so rarely have time to read for pleasure that I forget how fast I read).  Now I need more books for the rest of the holiday season...

Happy and cozy love

Gingerbread with fancy decorations

Starting with their stockings, with fun treats for girls and pets

For the rest of Christmas?  Not sure yet... everything is shut down, so there's no where to go and not much to do except bike and hike.  That sounds good, at least to me... 

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