Friday, December 11, 2020

That Time Zippia Quoted Me

 Worth savoring being considered an "Expert."  And of course, with all of the career changes life is mandating, it is nice to be recognized for my affiliation with the field of Human Services.



Notre Dame de Namur University

Professional Studies Programs


What experience really stands out on resumes?

Dr. Therese Madden: Accomplishments stand out on resumes. Not just classes are taken or previous jobs held, but a listing of what a student has accomplished. For this reason, I love to see resumes that are backed by e-portfolios. These give students a chance to elaborate on their resumes; explain, for example, that their capstone class was more than another grade, but that it encompassed a detailed project plan that they carefully executed so that it matched the needs of the organization that they were working with and that it included measurable outcomes. That way, it is more than another grade, however excellent, more than volunteer hours, but a list of measurable outcomes that can be reflected on a resume and in more narrative descriptions of what someone brings to the job.

How do you envision technology impacting this field in the next 5 years?

Dr. Therese Madden: Technology will have a serious impact on human services, allowing both providers and clients to have more control, better ways of communicating, better ways of individualized services to help each other grow and serve. I think we have seen it already during the pandemic, with tech providing the support to reach out when being physically in proximity to one another is inadvisable. Once the pandemic is over, combining what we've learned through tech solutions with more traditional hands-on approaches will allow us to serve clients in better and more personal ways.

Will there be an enduring impact of the coronavirus pandemic on graduates?

Dr. Therese Madden: I think that every industry will see enduring changes, some good and some challenging. I think that the enduring legacy of this pandemic - once we are past the sadness and uncertainty - will be a celebration of innovation and a commitment to build on the new ways of working in ways that help others. Helping others is the essence of the human services profession, and finding new ways of doing so suggests an exciting future that will draw more interest in the field.

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