Monday, January 18, 2021

Danville Hike

Such beautiful rolling hills and lovely Oak trees.  Fun hike with Pawnee chasing birds and seemingly trying to fly across the hills.  Puck couldn't quite keep up, though he easily covered five times the mileage we did sprinting away with Pawnee.  My three year old nephew did a great job too, though he did want to stop often to make "steam" (dust) with his toy train.  Last time we hiked these hills, he muttered, as we were going uphill, "I'm moving up in the world.  Ha, ha."  I laugh ever time I think of his crazy intelligence and wry sense of humor.  "The bigs" (what my sister calls the four older cousins) took off on their own, loving the companionship and the independence.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Spring Schedule

 For my records:


Spanish (SVHS)


English Composition (ASU)

California History (Sky)

Geography/Geo Lab (Sky)

Argumentation and Debate (Sky)





Biology (AAA)

Marine Biology (AAA)

Academic Writing (AAA)

Literature (G3)


Human Geography

Dance (9 weekly)

Rel Ed/Conf Prep

Sunday, January 3, 2021

San Francisco New Year's Hike

 Last year we did about ten miles through the city on New Year's Day and we started this year similarly, though a few days later and perhaps a few miles fewer.  A day where the fog never quite lifted, but where we found new things to explore and new views.  Good company, too!

At Aquatic Park

From the municipal pier looking back to Aquatic Park

Legion of Honor.  No crowds, but we wore masks most of the day and stayed out of the way of others when we took them off to eat outdoors

Ending with ice cream at Ghirardelli Square

San Francisco's Wave Organ

We kept seeing the signs, but didn't know what a "Wave Organ" was.  Public art, as it turns out, just past the St. Francis yacht club.  Parts of the structure were made from memorials at the cemetery at Laurel Heights, which is... interesting.  It is fun to see something new in our wanderings (even though it has been there since 1986, so is only "new" to us).

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Crystal Springs Hike

 A gorgeous day the week after Christmas, mostly staying socially distanced and always masked.  Kathleen was with us, but she has been extremely cautious herself during these last many months so we knew we were safe.  We took the southern route from the Sawyer Camp entrance and thus avoided the majority of the people who were out and about.  

(Seems like a lot of choices these days are based on avoiding being around people.  Such an introvert's fantasy to have a legitimate excuse to socialize in small numbers.)

I also hiked with my Mom on New Year's Day, but didn't get any photos.  Still, a gorgeous hike is a great way to start a new year.  Happy 2021!