Saturday, July 3, 2021

Disneyland and California Adventure

 A very long day.  We slept on the north side of the Grapevine, drove two hours to the park, and got there at opening.  We left at closing, 14 hours later, then drove the six hours home.  I did sleep for an hour from 2-3AM at a roadside rest!

Crowded, but not too bad.  They are still requiring reservations, which was a reason to go.  Maybe a 10-12 minute wait for most rides.

Hot, but not too bad.  I'm a weather-wimp and the low-80s was too hot for me.  But I know it could have been worse.  Last time we went was in a January (preCovid) and it was as hot then!

Fun and new:  we explored California Adventure for the first time and that was cool.  The new Star Wars experience is so popular that it requires reservations, electronic ones that you have to make on site.  We tried and noon and got in... as did everyone around us, from the eruption of cheers.  It was worthwhile, like being part of an adventure movie, with lots of live action around us.

I mostly just loved watching them have so much fun.  :-)

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