Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Western Bluebird Fledgling Experience

This Western Bluebird fledgling accosted us yesterday in the yard. I first noticed him on the ground when I was walking out to meet the mechanic - he was staring at me and didn't back off when I leaned in for a picture. I called the girls out and they sat near him until he landed on K and posed for pictures (!) We tried the local humane society, which also offers wildlife rescue, but it was a holiday so they were closed. So we did some research and followed it, very carefully relocating him to the brussels sprout planter on our porch for the night to keep him safe from critters. We watched from nearby as his parents brought him worms. Next morning, I could hear him chirping as I came back from my jog. He flew off the porch and his dad (who was in and out of a woodpecker cavity nearby) met him and fed him. Eventually they took off together. Super cool (though we now miss him!)

That face!

He kept looking back at us, as if in invitation to...

Next day:  that's the fledgling on the fence (hard to tell) and the male adult flying in to feed him.

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