Saturday, August 28, 2021


 Just looking at them becomes exciting with this four-year-old around. (OK, maybe it always was and now we have an excuse.  :-)

Monday, August 23, 2021

Fall Schedule of Classes

 For my own records:


Math:  Financial Literacy/PreStatistics

Environmental Science (Sky)

World History II (Sky)

Counseling 100 (Sky)

Race and Power (Sky)

Advanced Literature/Survey Course:  Independent Study

Spanish: (I still need to get this rolling)

PE:  Gym


Math:  Algebra (LiveOnline)

Physics (AAA)

AP Psychology (AAA)

Spanish (live tutor)

AP Literature

Math:  Geometry (Khan)

Religious Ed/Confirmation Prep

PE:  Dance and gym

Service Projects

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Union Square Scavenger Hunt

 As a continuation of our City Walks, this time we expanded to a scavenger hunt, via an online app.  It was awesome fun (and it is hard to top a chocolate-themed walk, or a pizza-themed walk, both of which we've done before). 

So, it begins when they send you an access code and set up a time for the hunt to begin.  We had 33 clues to do in two hours (or in our case, two hours minus 20 minutes, 'cause we started late).  The last clue isn't a location, but an unscramble letter puzzle.  To cover each of the other 32 clues means walking about 2.5 miles, which was great.  The clues ranged from "find this particular thing (statue, sign, etc) and take a selfie" to things like "find a poem at the bottom of a particular statue and answer this question about the poem."  (Not giving specifics, because it wouldn't be fun to give anything away.)

Some of the clues were off - some just wrong and others referring to things that are no longer there or no longer accessible.   We had fun anyway.   Union Square has some... interesting characters out and about.  Drunks, a naked woman who jumped into one of our selfies, etc.  The kids handled it like true San Franciscans.

Hope to do it again soon!  Definitely fun and worthwhile, even with some of the clue errors and 'charming' personalities we encountered.

Cousin fun at the Tonga Room

One of our first stops on the scavenger hunt.  This heart was supposed to be red (and example of where the hunt was off.  But it was fun anyway.)

Love the happy smiles behind the masks as we adventure up in the Westin St. Francis' glass elevators

A view of Union Square

Monday, August 9, 2021

Birthday Girl

 First, a silly recreation photo of one of my favorite photos ever.  Then just a series of pictures of a wonderful, determined, beautiful, brilliant person who always has great ideas.  Happy Birthday, amazing one!

Thursday, August 5, 2021


 A magical evening in my sister's backyard, watching two owls.  She said that they emerge from the tree on an evening schedule and sure enough, within a minute of her prediction, one flew right over our heads.  It was pure magic!

Monday, August 2, 2021

"She Got Her Driver's License Last Week, Just Like We Always Talked About..."

 And if that title doesn't ring a bell, well, then you don't live with teenagers who follow Oliva Rodrigo.  But yes, she did it!  Unlike me, on her first try.  Proud of her (and I feel safe in the car with her, too.)

View from the back seat, where I can now legally sit when she is driving