Thursday, March 31, 2022

New York Day 1

 SO awesome.  We took the red eye, arrived at about 730, were planning to get on a commuter train, but at the last minute opted for the subway.  We got off in lower Manhattan, got bagels, saw the Wall Street bull and little girl (now not facing each other) and read about the "pissing pug" that is no longer there.  We saw Trinity Church and Alexander Hamilton's grave (plus others in his family) and were surprised to see that he was right next to Robert Fulton, to whom we are distantly related!  From there we went to the 911 memorial.  I thought I had wanted to see the museum, but once we got there I realized I wasn't in the mood to be sad, so we wandered around the outside instead.  Eventually we made our way to Battery Park and ferried to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Then a ferry to a subway and we found our hotel. Full day and covered ten miles of walking, plus planes, trains, and ferries!