Friday, April 8, 2022

K has a Birthday

 I had to go to work all day, but fortunately my parents were able to come over to celebrate.  Love this awesome kid!

Saturday, April 2, 2022

New York Day 3

 We started with Central Park, which was so fun because there are so many sights from movies, plus it is pretty and cool surrounded by skyscrapers.  Then we went to our tour of the St. Patrick's catacombs, only to get there and realize we were supposed to be at OLD St. Patrick's.  So we rushed for the subway, got off too early, and had to Uber the rest of the way.  That's okay, 'cause we got there, late.  The tour was okay, not super exciting, but fun to be in SoHo.  Of course we wandered a bit, then made our way back to the best pizza ever, then found the building from "Friends."  We actually went back to the hotel for a few hours, but still logged in our ten miles of walking because we went out again in the evening to Rockerfeller Center, which was fun to see by night.  Cheesecake to top off the NY experience, then the next day a very early flight home!

I REALLY wanted to sing at the top of my lungs at this fountain, but it lacked water and that dimmed my enthusiasm.  That, and the girls' looks of horror at my suggestion.  "PREEEEPARE YE..."  LOL

Friday, April 1, 2022

New York Day 2

 Another exciting and full day, with another ten miles of walking covered.  Maybe more?  We started with the subway, headed down to a cheese shop in Chelsea that our neighbor recommended.  We bought him some cheese, then while having some breakfast noticed that we were adjacent to Cordelia Street, which is featured in a Taylor Swift song.  Photo time!  Then off again, stumbling into the best pizza I have ever had.  Cheap, too!  (In fact, NY in general was a lot cheaper than I expected.)  Then we walked to the High Line, which is an elevated subway turned into a public park/walkway.  I found it fascinating and so beautiful.  We detoured to see the Chelsea pier, then finished the High Line, then walked to the Empire State Building.  Super fun with a lot of movie and celebrity references... and the views from the top were amazing and terrifying with incredible winds on the west side!!  From there we walked to the NY public library (gorgeous) and Grand Central Station (for pictures for Holden, plus just to see it), then back to the Hudson Yards for dinner with my cousin Dean.  From there to Times Square and Broadway.  Wow, exhausting and fun day!  Impressed with the lack of homeless/panhandlers and the general feeling of safety everywhere.

NY Public Library


Top of the Empire State Building, looking toward lower Manhatten

The High Line

Inside the Empire State Building