Monday, May 30, 2022

Quito Walking Tour

 A free walking tour through the hostel!  We saw so much - the beautiful basilica, the center of government (presidential palace, archbishop's quarters, city hall, etc.), a contemporary art museum, chocolate factory, two convents (Carmelite and Franciscan), and more.  The tour included history and even a salsa lesson!  And ice cream.  Quito seems to have inexpensive ice cream everywhere and the heladerias pump out the soft serve and hand it to taxi drivers paused in traffic en masse!  People everywhere were super nice - our taxi driver from the night before called out to us by name and random passers-by smiled and greeted our group.  A great start to a trip... and despite other stops in Quito later in the trip, our initial positive impressions never waned in the least.  History, beauty, culture, ice cream, and nice people.  What more can you ask?

Rooftop views of old town by daylight

The beautiful basilica, which is decorated with images from Ecuadorian wildlife - anteaters, jaguars, and even a cooked cuy!

With a shrunked head (fake)

Looking across the presidential palace at the main square.

Love the streets, architecture, and basilica in rear

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