Friday, June 3, 2022

Amazon Rainforest Day 3

 A combination of animals - always awesome - and Kichwa culture.  We stayed in a Kichwa "village," surrounded by what Lonely Planet called the "quotidian activities of the village."  Mostly we saw children walking to school, attending school, playing outside of the school.  We also learned a bit about their waking/dream (wayusada) ritual and a coming-of-age ritual that involved putting hot chili peppers in the eyes of adolescents.  Our guide was proud to have passed his ritual, but still there seemed to be some elements of this that perhaps were lost in translation.  On our last evening, we had a traditional Kichwa meal - for us vegetarians, minus the palm tree grubs pictured.

Traditional Kichwa sleeping/food prep space

A different parrot clay; this one we hiked to

We are Californians in and out.  Rain is exciting.

Palm tree grubs prepared for dinner 

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