Tuesday, November 15, 2022

We Have A Visitor

 We planned for two days... and, due to flight delays, got three!  Super fun to spend time with our nephew/cousin H while his parents took a business trip.  He wakes up and is immediately "on" after a sleepy hug, pulling himself into K's lap and saying, "let's run laps until you can't run anymore!"  Despite obvious energy, he convinced the girls that he couldn't possibly walk a mile to the community center, so they took turns carrying him (and loved it).  At the playground, he was asked who he came with, since the playground was full of kids who knew each other from after-school care.  When he said G's name, some of the kids got excited, knowing her as "Miss G," their teacher from dance.  So cute. We also had fun at the Hiller Aviation Museum, flying simulated planes, exploring some of the history, and playing in an actual cockpit.  We had a great time.

Photo by G